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We put our hand on the right place

Manual therapy mobilises joints and muscles, relieves pain with special hand movements and techniques.


Manual Therapies

Immobility often leads to muscle tension. With manual therapy we make joints mobile again and muscles can relax. We use methods according to Maitland, Kaltenborn and McKenzie.

Manuelle Therapien Traktion


Traction relieves the joints by pulling on a part of the body in a controlled manner, for example with a traction belt. Surrounding muscles can relax better as a result.

Manuelle Therapien Bindegewebsmassage

Connective tissue massage

The connective tissue holds the body together. The connective tissue massage is a classic massage method used for tension and adhesion of fasciae, subcutaneous tissue, ligaments and tendons.

Manuelle Therapie Faszientherapie

Fascia therapy

The fasciae consist of connective tissue. Shortening and adhesions can impair movement and cause inexplicable pain. The fasciae are mobilised and made more mobile.

Manuelle Therapie Triggerpunktmassage

Trigger point massage

A trigger point causes radiation of pain to another part of the body when pressure is applied. Pressure on a trigger point can relieve discomfort and improve function.