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Why the 4XT® method?

The 4XT® method addresses your complaints and pain specifically and individually. We explain the principle to you.


The 4XT® Method

"4XT" stands for testing, triggering, taping and training. The 4XT® method evolved from the Easytaping method we developed in collaboration with Fysio Physics in Holland. With the tests we find the appropriate therapy approach for mobilisation, taping and training. We then define the measures for your customised physiotherapy. Taping and training are central components of our therapies.

4XT-Methode Testen


Testing plays an important role in our therapy. With the help of tests, we can define the treatment individually and measure the success of the therapy.

4XT-Methode Triggern


With targeted mobilisation of the fasciae, the body's healing response is triggered.

4XT-Methode Taping


With tapes we relieve the pain site, stabilise joints and stimulate healing. Easytaping supports the functions of the joints and the body.

4XT-Methode Training


Once the movement function has been restored, the muscles are built up with strength training. You train your muscles in our weight room.

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